This bag has you covered from math class to Paris. Whether you need to go off the grid, or get to point A to B, this bag is your formula for success.

You know we had to make
a matching bag out of this amazing pattern. Paired with the Zew Dress, you'll be ready for any field trip. Tap into your inner child and try coloring outside of the lines.

Even cheetahs need to rest sometime. That's why we made these pants out of pillowcases! Wear them to bed, or out in the jungle. No one will even know you are wearing your pajamas.

What time is it? Who cares! Any time is a good time to party as long as you got this sweater on. Leave
your day job behind and remember, there's no curfew for this crew.

Take a trip back to 1969! With our psychedelic tile for your hidden flower child, weed out negative energies and watch your outfit transcend. Feel those goooood vibes.

These once-loved jeans make a great tote bag. We couldn't choose which wash to use so we married the two down
the middle. Not to mention it looks great paired with the Day & Night Jeans!

You'll be a perfect vision wearing this comfy tee. No
need for eyes on the back of your head, we put them on
your back! Just don't be surprised if all eyes are on you while you're wearing this.

Fast and furious, our
Racer Tee will get you places. Two tee shirts crash into one for the best of both worlds. See you
at the finish line.

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When you can't decide on your daily denim, don't! These jeans have you covered for both worlds. Just don't put them on backwards.

Would you believe me if I told you this set was made from drapes? Well, it's true! Wear it up to dinner or
wear it down to the movies.
Either way, it's as comfy as wearing your own pajamas.

This tee was inspired by the man himself, and was our first piece for Slug Cycle. We sliced up some shirts and performed a surgery of our own to get the perfect combination. Keep your pitchforks at home, this one's a keeper.

We got all your favrite aminal friends on this oversized tee! Pengwins, zebers, flours, and the two lump camel cover this entire piece front to back.

thank you!

Don't get caught in the deep end without these babies.
Sink or swim, our High-Water Jeans will keep you safe.*


*Cannot be used as a flotation device.

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Slug Cycle is our alternative to "fast fashion". Our process helps keep the cycle of thrifted clothing moving in rotation. Instead of paying large retailers for clothes we love, why not make our own? Together, we took the journey to learn how to sew and created our very first collection. Each piece in the collection is made from at least two different textiles which we have thrifted or have been gifted. Our goal is to challenge others to reduce their textile waste and to rethink fast fashion. We hope you will be inspired to make your own clothing too.



We hunt for awesome textiles at places like Value Village, Goodwill, and even our friend's garage. We look for pieces that have the potential to become something new. In this case, we thought this dress would be a much better beach bag. We don't throw scraps out, but save them to use for other pieces we want to create.



The EPA states that approximately 13 million tons of textiles are thrown out each year. That's nearly 65 pounds per year for the average American. Only 2 million tons of these textiles are reused or recycled. All of this textile waste is detrimental to the planet as just 1 pound of these textiles emits more than 7 pounds of CO2. On top of that, the average tee shirt wastes 700 gallons of water in the manufacturing process.



summer 2017

Racer Tee

20/20 Tee

Night & Day Jean

Two-Faced Tote

Monday Matinee Set

Far Out Tee

Frank's Tee

Quadratic Carry-On

9 to 5 Crewneck

High-Water Jeans

Cheetah Pants

Zew Dress

Zew Tote

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